Recent Homes Sales in and Around Arcola, Brambleton and South Riding

Mar 9, 2011 by

Recent Homes Sales in and Around Arcola, Brambleton and South Riding

Looking back from June 2010 until now, home sales have been relatively strong in and around Arcola.  Most of the sales were single family homes in the communities of Brambleton and South Riding.  Taking a 2.5 mile radius around the center of Arcola, we find the following average home sale prices:

3 bedrooms:  Min $449,900, Max $614,077, Average $534,668

4 bedrooms: Min $403,000, Max $932,000, Average $574,600

5 bedrooms: Min $515,000, Max $925,000, Average $616,590

The average days on market was 47 days and most of the homes were built only five years ago.  As word spreads of more commercial development such as the Arcola Center and additional infrastructure with road repairs and widening in the area, the expectation is that prices will continue to rise throughout 2011.

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The Arcola Center Development Back Underway

Mar 7, 2011 by

After the real estate market downturn, the original development that was supposed to be started around Arcola seemed to have stalled.  But, the developer Buchanan Partners has recently proposed a change to their site plan postponing the retail portion of their development and focusing on building residential housing in the area. Their proposal is for 212 multifamily units on 11.7 acres. 

Looks like the developer needs to update their website as they still indicate they are going to break ground on a retail center.  What Loudoun County really needs is more commercial development, not high-density housing.

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History of Arcola, Virginia

Mar 4, 2011 by

Located 33 miles from the center of Washington, DC lies the small, historic village of Arcola.  It was founded during the colonial period next to a natural spring making it a perfect location for a distillery.  Eventually, Arcola developed into a small community with several dwellings and a church supporting its inhabitants.

In the early 1800s, a post office was established and the area was named Springfield appropriately for the spring that it was initially built next to.  However, the post office only lasted 20 years.  It wasn’t until 1832 that a new post office was opened and the town re-named Arcola for the large farm owned by the Arcola family.

As highways were built to the north and south of Arcola, the area remained relatively untouched and was a simple crossroads surrounded by farms.  Only recently, as the population has boomed in Northern Virginia, has the future of Arcola seemed again destined to support another small population.

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